About the Tea Shop

We're on a mission.

Growing up I thought tea only came in bags and, frankly, it was boring.

I had no idea that tea would change my life in so many unexpected ways.

Our Mission at the tea shop is to make the best cup of tea you've ever tasted. That cup of tea also needs to promote health. We want you to leave our shop feeling energized, refreshed and restored. And it's not just about those magical little tea leaves...

We've created a space where you can reconnect with friends and loved ones and even forge new relationships. Our tea supports your physical health, while the experience nourishes your soul. When I became ill and barely able to care for my daughter, herbal teas (tisanes) were a crucial part of my recovery. This is what fuels our passion. I also discovered on my journey that I needed more balance in my life. At the Tea Shop, we offer you both.

Let us help you
Reconnect & Restore.

“Thank you, loyal customers and friends.

My goal at the shop has always been to help you change your life for the better, to make each of you feel special and cared for when you enter our doors.

In doing so, I have come to realize that this is also what you do for me. My life is richer because you are a part of it and for this I am grateful. Even on the toughest day, I am uplifted by your kindness and generosity of spirit.

I am a better person for knowing you. I hope you feel the same.“



Signature Beverage

The Matcha Misto: C&C's almost famous healthy indulgence

The Matcha Misto is C&C's Signature Beverage (And we sell more of it than all our other teas combined!)

Customers love it for the taste, but drink it because it makes them feel fabulous!

Matcha boasts the health benefits of about 10 cups of green tea in one serving. Imagine a sustained energy, without the jitters of coffee, which helps you avoid the afternoon slump.

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Reconnect & Restore

Afternoon tea

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